Building Transformation: A StoryMap

This StoryMap shares stories of socio-economic innovation in the built environment, around the World.

Explore the map to discover signals of change that are expanding:

i) transparency and accountability to shed more light on who owns and shapes real estate, infrastructure and the places between

ii) agency in terms of who has the opportunity to shapes outcomes, and whose views are taken into account, and

iii) value, including shifts in finance that align more closely positive social and environmental outcomes.

The map is a collaboration between  It’s Material  and the Institute for Human Rights and Business (IHRB)’s  built environment program .

Many of the signals connect with the idea of a rights-based economy, grounded in the cross-cutting human rights principles of transparency and accountability, meaningful participation, and non-discrimination.

Each story on the map is a “signal of change”. The Institute for the Future defines signals of change as “concrete and specific events, stories, innovations, or news that are at the peripheries/sidelines, which make the observer get a sensation that that a signal, if scaled or mainstreamed, can take us in an entirely different direction in the future.”

Visit the map here.

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