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On cities, building and architecture

Cities – A Growing and Necessary Target for Human Rights Advocacy” (Open Global Rights)

Book chapter: “Interventions in hospital construction: Early action for the realisation of human rights“, pub Edward Elgar

A series of stories about people who are transforming the way we build in New York City : from women breaking barriers in the construction trades, to immigrant worker organizers, to new visions for housing and planning in the city

What the 2021 Pritzker Prize says about social value

Who Owns Cairo? Transparency and accountability in urban land ownership

On finance

A private equity accountability gap“ (RightsHereProject)

Better Building(s): Financing Inclusive Decarbonization in Europe’s Built Environment“, with Alejandra Rivera and Ursula Hartenberger (IHRB)

Intense scrutiny on the AIIB should spur it to fulfill its social and environmental mission“, with Lowell Chow (South China Morning Post)

Local projects in NYC, where I live

51-1.org: On places that people value in their neighborhoods, and what they would like to change

30th Ave – A Year in the Life of a Street: One interview a week for a year with people who live or work along 30th Avenue in Astoria, Queens

I Live Here – Queens: Collecting the words for “I live Here” in the hundreds of languages spoken in the borough

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